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TAURUS, the Bull

April 21st through May 21st
How to Recognize TAURUS
The TAURUS Woman
The TAURUS Child
The TAURUS Employee
How to Recognize TAURUS
A travel bug friend of mine, who has been everywhere at least twice, told me he will never forget his first trip to southern Spain on a tramp steamer. One day, while he was on deck admiring the view, a huge mass of solid rock loomed ahead in the distance, rising grandly out of the bright, blue Mediterranean. Someone on the ship shouted, "Look! The Rock of Gibraltar!" Awed and impressed, my friend snapped a picture of it for the folks back home, then turned to a bored teenager in the next deck chair, and waxed poetic. "Isn't it beautiful?" he asked. "Tons of water have beaten against it through the centuries, storms have lashed at it, armies have assaulted it, civilizations have come and gone, but it just sits there. Nothing ever changes it, and nothing can make it move." The teenager yawned. "Yeah. Reminds me of my old man."
His father was born in May. And that's how you recognize Taurus, the bull. The most fertile places to look for him would be a farm, a bank or a real estate office, but you'll also find him grazing in other pastures. There are Taurean engineers, movie stars, clerks, gardeners, kings and queens, chimney sweeps, butchers, bakers and candle-' stick makers. You can always tell the bull by his strong, silent attitude. Until you get to know him better, his lengthiest monologues will probably be "Yep," "Nope," "Thanks," "So long," and frequently "Uh-uh," a substitute for "Nope." If he had a strong Gemini, Aries or Sagittarius influence at birth, he may be a little gabbier and walk with more bounce. But the typical Taurean prefers to move deliberately and speak sparingly.
Like Gibraltar, he is solid and steady and nothing disturbs his tranquility. You can throw water on him or light a fire between his toes. You can beat on his chest with clenched fists, glare at him hypnotically or shout at the top of your lungs. Taurus
won't budge an inch. Once his mind is set, he folds his arms calmly and digs in his heels. He sticks out his rather prominent chin, flares his nostrils, pins back his ears and you've had it.
The bull seldom rushes forward to stomp on your toes. He simply wants to be left alone. Don't disturb him and he'll remain contented. Press him and he becomes obstinate. Shove too hard, tease too much, and be prepared for violent rage. He can go for months and years on end. exhibiting perfect poise and control, inhaling the fragrance of the posies and ignoring the nervous clacking and clucking all around him. Then some unexpected day, a pushy person will pile one straw too many on his broad back. He'll snort, begin to paw the earth, narrow his eyes-and charge. Get out of the way as fast as you can and run for your lifel The Taurean temper is seldom displayed impulsively, but when the bull gets mad, he can destroy everything in his path, up to and including Scorpios. Destroy is not the right word. Demolish is better. It may be some time before the dust settles and peace reigns again. Some Taureana have such control that they only charge once or twice in. a whole lifetime. Even the quick-tempered ones won't erupt more than once or twice a year, if that often. Still, it's best to remember that Taurus usually doesn't get just a little mad or annoyed. If the incident is large enough to rock his normally placid emotions, you can count on blind fury, no ordinary anger.
I know one Taurus male whose wife had never seen him angry during all the years of her marriage, until one night in a crowded supper club. An obnoxious drunk stumbled over to their table and made an off-color remark. She expected her husband to handle the man firmly, with his usual self-control, and she was as shocked as the rest of the customers when the Taurean suddenly stood up, shoved over two tables, lifted the man in the air, and sent him flying to the other side of the room, nearly demolishing the bandstand. Not a word was exchanged. I trust this will make you properly cautious. Before even winking at a strange woman, it would be wise to know her escort's birthday.
You can expect many May people to actually resemble a bull, the men that is, and the women born under the Sun sign will have an intangible, elusive bovine quality about them. The look in the female Taurean's eyes will be serene and limpid, yet steady. She will move gracefully, indolently, but with a suggestion of hidden strength. As for the males, the neck will often be thick or muscular, the shoulders, chest or back, or all three, broad and strong. The entire body will be well proportioned, whether short or tall. The ears are usually small and close to the head. When they eat, they chew slowly, and ordinarily have excellent digestions. You may notice a lock of hair (resembling the bull's forelock), or a curl that hangs in the center of the forehead. Not all, but many Taureans have curly or wavy hair. It's usually dark, like the eyes and skin. Even the occasional blonde, light-eyed and fair-skinned Taurus people will never suggest fragility of mind or character.
Naturally, you can't expect every Taurean to look like Ferdinand the bull or Elsie the cow. It's true that they frequently have large, generous bodies, ranging from muscular to plump to fat. But if you get that image too set in your mind, you won't
recognize the skinny ones, and it's important to learn to spot them, too. What are you going to do when you turn on television and The Late, Late Show features Taureans Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire or Gary Cooper? Don't let it throw you. For all his Piscean lightness of foot, and his airy Gemini charm, Fred Astaire is an earthy Taurus. The other planetary influences in his chart can't change that. Just ask his friend, choreographer Hermes Pan, or anyone else close to the dancing legend. Ask them how tough it is to get this Twinkletoes to go somewhere he doesn't want to go or do something he doesn't want to do. Bing Crosby is also famous for his unruffled personality and his calm, easygoing manner. (That was probably one of Bing's sons on the tramp steamer.) As for Gary Cooper, take another look at the tall, lanky frame of that hero of the vintage cowboy shows. His solid feet seem to be growing right out of the ground as if they were rooted there. He moves across your television screen with slow deliberation, and the total number of complete sentences the actor speaks in those old westerns is roughly under a dozen. Actor? Following the venerable Hollywood system of type casting, Gary Cooper always superbly played Gary Cooper. And like many another Taurean you'll meet away from stage and camera, the Cooper love scenes feature a romantic girl, who cries, "I love you madly, passionately. I can't live without you. You're my whole life, darling. Tell me you care. Say you feel the same way. Do you love me? Do you?" What answer does the poor girl get for her torrent of sentiment? "Yep." (But it can be strangely comforting.)
Taurus is strongly attracted to the opposite sex, but aggressive pursuit of any kind of pleasure isn't in his bag of tricks. He prefers to attract people to him. Why should he waste his energy chasing them over the countryside? A short trip to a farm and some astute observation of the laws of nature will make it clear how the Taurean emotions are activated in both love and friendship. Passivity is the typical behavior. Taureans would rather entertain hospitably at home than go to the trouble of visiting. The effort required for scintillating popularity doesn't appeal to the bull's nature. If you want him, you can call him. He'll be there. Throw out the line of comradeship or romance, and hell pick it up, if it interests him. He'll know what ' to do with it, too, which isn't always true of the more gregarious signs.
Taurus seldom worries, frets or chews his nails. He can pout and brood when things don't suit his fancy, but he's not the nervous, twitchy type. It's his nature to be stoic, and take things in his stride, and nothing really alters this basic tendency.
I know a Taurean, who is both an attorney and a certified public accountant, a double career that would give anyone plenty to take in stride, especially at tax time. Now, this Taurus may bite his nails a little. All right, he bites them a lot. He talks faster than I do (which is pretty fast), and he does have a couple of worry creases in his forehead. But there's a heavy Gemini influence in his natal chart that causes the deceptive speed, and if you look behind the whirling action of his dynamic outer image, you'll still discover a Taurus. His brain may calculate like lightning, but his derisions are made slowly and carefully. His actions are predictable, his character is strong, and you can ask his wife just how much of a pushover he is when she tries to get him to dress up and go somewhere on the nights he'd rather stay home. You can
also ask his clients who try to rush him into closing deals quickly. He'll listen patiently and pleasantly, but the papers don't get signed until the bull makes up his mind it's the right move. Oh, yes, he's a Taurus, never mind the Gemini wit and agility. Flighty action is not among his vices. He rushes slowly, and that's not a non sequitur.
Taurus people are home folks. There's scarcely a bull who doesn't love to luxuriate under his own roof and stretch out amid comfortable, familiar surroundings. Change upsets him (unless there's a Gemini, Sagittarius or Aquarius Moon or ascendant). If the Taurus you know doesn't own his own home, he's dreaming about it, and he will someday. He's close to the earth, and the love of the land will come to him eventually, one way or another. If he's forced to live in a crowded apartment building, hell probably have a window box full of geraniums or petunias. When the noisy clatter of the city threatens to press in too close, hell determinedly grab his fishing pole and head for a quiet, pastoral spot. Let the world spin at too dizzy a pace for him, and Taurus simply gets off for a spell until it slows down. If he has no fishing pole or window box outlet, he may dabble in real estate, and make arrange-ments for other people's mortgages, which gets him out to the suburbs occasionally. There's always a connection with the land, however remote, like hanging around the race track, or taking his Sunday stroll through the park and drinking in the sights and fragrances of nature.
The average bull is superbly healthy, with a strong constitution. It takes a lot to put him on his back, but once he's down, he may recuperate slowly, partially due to his stubborn refusal to obey the doctor. His natural inclinar tion to distrust optimism doesn't promote speedy recovery, either. The sensitive areas for accident and infection are the throat, neck, legs, ankles, reproductive organs, the back and the spinal area. Colds often turn into sore throats, and overweight brought on by the legendary Taurean love of food and drink, mostly food, can put a strain on the heart, and plague the bull with poor circulation, weak ankles, varicose veins and other chronic complaints. Gout is another possibility. Most May people, however, can easily stay healthier than the rest of us if they avoid obesity, lethargy and kidney infections. Let's be blunt. If the butt drinks to excess or gets fat and lazy, he'll lose his splendid physique and his robust good health. One of the main causes for his illnesses is a lack of country air and exercise. His system always needs it, even though his obstinate will may deny it.
Speaking of obstinacy, there's no use telling a Taurean He (or she) is obstinate. In the bull's mind, he's not stubborn at all. He's patient. It's a matter of semantics. He's not hardheaded-he's just sensible and firm. For the life of him, he can't see why people judge him so unfairly.
The truth is that Taurus is as stubborn as a human can be and not actually turn into solid stone. Taurean men and women seem to be glued to both their seats and their opinions. A Taurus husband will refuse to accompany his wife to a friend's house if there are no comfortable chairs there for him to sit in. She can plead in vain. He just won't go. A Taurus woman who doesn't approve of her husband's cronies simply
will not talk to them. Still, the bulls can also claim the virtue of patience with justification. Many a Taurean bears emotional and physical burdens in silence for years without complaint. The higher the troubles pile up, the more strength Taurus finds to bear them. His loyalty and devotion to family and friends often surpass all understanding. Lots of Taurus men and women deserve gold medals for courage under blows of fate that would have long ago broken the back of those born under other Sun signs. Fine. I'll go along with awarding a blue ribbon in recognition of the Taurus fortitude. But he's still stubborn.
There's very little that turns his appetite faint. The bull can usually eat anything from fried peppers to chocolate whipped cream cake, sour pickles and turnips-all at the same meal-without a trace of indigestion. Steak and beef-are usually his favorites, and he loves to clean up the leftovers. If alcohol is added, the Taurean can closely. resemble King Henry VIII, happily gorging at a royal banquet. (Of course, a Virgo ascendant can keep him on raw carrots and lettuce, washed down with prune juice.)
The Taureans' funny bones are tickled by broad and slapstick comedy. Many of them fail to catch subtle satire, but they'll howl when someone slips on a banana peel or gets a custard pie in the face. Taurus humor is warm and earthy, playful and reminiscent of Falstaff. These people are seldom, if ever, really cruel or vindictive. It's a strange fact that cruel Taureans often have many planets in Aries at birth. The two signs don't seem to mix well in the same horoscopes. Hitler is a good example.
Now, about the subject of money-the bull and his money are seldom parted. Not every Taurean is a millionaire, but you won't find many of them standing in line for free soup. Taurus likes to build empires slowly and surely. He starts with a solid foundation, then gradually adds a story at a time, until he's built a stable business and a bank account with muscles. Oddly, Taurus likes to accumulate power, along with cash, but simply for the sensual enjoyment of possessing it. They often turn over the action to subordinates. Just knowing the power is there along with the dollars seems to satisfy the Taurean need for security. Why should he be bothered with the effort of manipulating all the strings? There are Capricorns and Cancerians around to do that, while he snoozes, smells a daisy or eyes the pretty girls. It's enough that everybody knows who owns the pasture. Sooner or later, money will come to Taurus, and it usually sticks like glue when it does. The bull prizes his cash and his possessions as he does his family, but he's not stingy. The Taurean generous heart and pockets are wide open to real friends in real trouble.
He's impressed by bigness. The larger a building, the grander it is to him, and he'll walk right past the monkeys at the zoo to stare in fascination at the powerful elephants. Taurus will face huge animals with magnificent courage, but he fears a mouse. A tiger on the loose won't cause the bull to flicker an eyelash, while a tiny wasp can send him climbing up the nearest tree in nervous panic.
Fine paintings and great symphonies stir him deeply. Every Taurean owns some evidence of the Venus love for art and music, if it's only an old Caruso record, or a
museum postcard of an early Van Gogh tucked under the sweat shirts he wears when he's out jogging on weekends. Many Taurus men and women have beautiful voices. Some of them sing professionally; others warble in the bath, soak in rich oils and dream of gilt-edged security. Music will always touch their lives in some way, and drawing or painting are often either hobbies or careers.
The sensuous bull is tranquilized by the color of the sky. Shades of blue bathe his emotions with peace; also rose and pink, in a lesser way, but never red, as any matador could tell you. The greens and browns of nature calm and soothe him too. Green paper money and a brownstone house will keep him perfectly contented.
Although Taurean ideas are always sensible, they can also sparkle with the clarity and depth of fifteen precious sapphires that add up to six kinds of good fortune, as he doubles his money under the benign smile of the gods. There's nothing small about Taurus, including his capacity for lasting love and his potential for wealth. Copper, the Taurean metal, is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat, and it glows with burnished beauty through years of use and wear. Let the excitable ones scurry and squabble for first place. The bull's fixed nature needs no flaming torches to light the way to the security he seeks. Eventually success will come to him, and he will be ready. Because the far-off Venus showers him with the love of luxury, he pays dearly for his possessions and treasures them for a lifetime; yet he's the sworn enemy of waste and extravagance. His home is his castle-and let no man disturb the peace of the bull. Taurus is as patient as time itself, as deep as the forest, with a dependable strength that can move mountains. But he's stubborn.
Famous Taurus Personalities
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.Your Friendly Banker
"Why, I wouldn't say anything about it, even if I fell off the top of the housel"
". . . Only you'd better not come very close I generally hit everything I can see- when I get really excited."
Perhaps you picture the typical Taurus man as a quiet, practical soul, as sensible and down-to-earth as an old pair of shoes. It's true-he is. You may also observe that he's slow to move to action, deliberate and careful. True again. Therefore, you deduce, it's only logical to assume he's not very romantic. Positively false.
Where did you get the idea you can analyze the Taurean nature by using pure logic alone? Probably from some Libra fellow who's trying to make an impression on you. Well, he's wrong. Logic isn't very helpful when you're trying to solve the riddle of a strong, masculine symbol like the bull, who's ruled by a loving, peaceful planet like Venus. Send that Libra man with his clever mind back to the library.
The buU may take a long time deciding if he wants you for his woman. He's not going to execute a flashy swan dive into the pool of romance and discover on the way down that someone forgot to fill it with water. But once he's made up his mind that you're the one, and once he sets his mind on winning you, he'll make the Libra lover look like a fumbler. He'll even put the smitten lion and the passionate Scorpio to shame. That sensible, practical, slow, determined Taurus male is capable of sending you one pink rose each day until you surrender to his proposal-of marriage-or whatever. He can even write a poetic song or verse, and bashfully mail it to you without signing it, knowing you'll guess the sender. Taurus can be a tender, gentle and protective lover. His sensual nature will make him vulnerable to your exotic perfume, the smoothness of your skin and softness of your hair. He may not say so in flowery language to your face, but he will find a way to convey the message. The Taurus sense of touch is a tangible thing.
This negative, fixed earth sign is full of contradictions in love. A Taurean will like to see you dress in luxurious furs and rich colors. He may buy you a fragrant bunch of fresh, spring violets for your furs from the little old lady on the corner, and leave a large tip in her basket because she reminds him of his mother. (You, however, will definitely not remind him of either his mother or his sister -except when it comes to protecting you from the rude glances of other bulls who try to move in.) Music will stir his emotions and put him in the mood for love. He's almost sure to have a favorite song that reminds him of you each time he hears it. It's the one he keeps playing on the juke box.
If you need more proof of the romance in his soul, the typical Taurus man will help
you build your hope chest with birthday gifts of china and silver, and at Christmas he'll remind you of Santa himself when he comes calling, loaded down with mysterious packages and sentimental trinkets. He'll suggest moonlight swims, picnics in cool, secluded woods, and walks down country lanes under the stars. His will be the largest, fanciest, most eloquent Valentine the postman ever delivered on February 14th. When a Taurus man courts you, he courts you. He doesn't fool around. You'll probably be taken to dine in glamorous restaurants, with soft lights and violins, and he'll never forget the date you first met or any other intimate anni-versary between you. For the love of buttercups, how much romance do you need?
It's perfectly true that the bull isn't a wild dreamer like the Aquarian male. Taurus will never sweep you off your feet like a Leo, or promise to take you floating away to live with him in a fairy castle, drifting on pink clouds forever and a day, like an Aries. He's more likely to drop by on foot some Saturday night, with the architect's blueprints for the house he plans to build for you, out of real lumber and with real cash. He'll probably make the down payment on the property, or at the very least, on the apart" ment lease, before you become engaged. This man means business. When the bull lifts you across his threshold and plants you firmly in his substantial home, which won't bear the faintest resemblance to a fairy castle, you can be sure the mortgage is secure at the bank. That's hardly something to complain about. You'll wonder why you ever wanted to be wrapped in those pink clouds, once you've been warmly and snugly enfolded in the soft Taurean blanket of security. You'll be too busy enjoying your new furniture and checking account (or the certainty that they're just around the corner) to weep for misty dreams that probably wouldn't have come true anyway. That is, if you're a female who appreciates solid value. Not every woman does, more's the pity. But sensible girls, from eighteen to eighty, value the peaceful, easygoing ways of the bull and his calm, stable nature. His sentimental gestures and pleasantly earthy wooing can be just as satisfying as the soulful, poetic sighs of more colorful lovers, or the dashing excitement of the flashier Don Juans, quite often even more so. Ask any woman who's been sensible enough to get herself good and loved by a strong Taurean. There are lots of contented cows and happy heifers around.
A Taurus man plans for tomorrow carefully. As the squirrel stores his nuts when they're plentiful in the summer, to provide security for the cold, barren winter-the temporary pleasures of a bright afternoon will never distract Taurus from preparing for the days when the slush piles up at the curb. It's a funny thing, but the hus-^ bands who are financially able to take or send their wives to Florida in January are often born in May.
Naturally, there are drawbacks to a romantic escapade with a Taurus male-all is not peaches and perfection. For one thing, youll have to brush up on your ladylike behavior. No Taurus man is going to put up with a loud, masculine female who cracks a whip like an animal trainer. If you have any forceful opinions, don't shove them down his throat or brag about your brainpower in public. Privately, he respects a female with intelligence (though he places a higher premium on plain common sense), but you'd just better let him be the bright one of the team when you're out
together dancing cheek to cheek-even if you're just sitting in a restaurant, knee to knee. Make like the emancipated woman in front of his friends and he'll have one of two reactions. If he's a primitive Taurean (and you'd be surprised how many of those there are), he's likely to give you a shove and a shaking, maybe even a good smack in the right place when you get
home-or worse, before you get home. If he's a more sophisticated type, he'll simply clam up on you in front of everyone and sit there like a large chunk of cold stone, refusing to speak a word the rest of the night, until you're so embarrassed you wish the floor would swallow you. Your friends will be most uncomfortable, too. It can really dampen an evening, not to mention cramp your style.
Your first impulse will be to try to undo the damage, but trying to jolly him out of his stubborn mood before it's run its course is literally impossible. It's like trying to move the Rock of Gibraltar. As a matter of fact, if you attempt to tease him back into normal social behavior, you may wish you had just let him sulk. A hunk of cold stone is infinitely more acceptable than his reaction to your coaxing after you've angered him. Push him too far and he'll turn from a silent sphinx into a bellowing bull, who may very well let loose some mighty earthy language, which will cause your cheeks to flame even pinker. Either that, or he'll say calmly to the group, "Excuse me for breaking up the party, but I have to drag this woman with the tent flap mouth home and teach her a few lessons." You'll hide from everyone you know for weeks afterwards. And all because, when he's holding the group spellbound with his summary of the political scene, you interrupt him with a remark like, "Oh> honey, don't be so naive. Everyone knows Utterbach takes bribes. With his record he couldn't get elected chairman of the Boy Scout cookie sale, let alone Congressman. You don't know what you're talking about," at which point he'll dig in those heels, fold his arms across that beefy chest, and begin to pout-or clobber you- whichever. If you see him reach for his coat, you might as well put on yours, too. A Taurus man will seldom leave his woman alone with the wolves, unprotected, no matter how angry she's made him. He'll take her along, by the hair, if necessary. So don't get any ideas of staying behind to get sympathy from the others. When he leaves, you leave. And I would strongly advise you to apologize before you get home. He won't. Running to Mama's arms won't do any good. You share his bed and board, as long as he pays the rent. Mother-in-law interference is about the last thing the typical bull will stand for. The first time you try that "running home to Mother" routine will probably be the last. After they once experience his fury, your parents wll prefer to keep the door locked and let you handle your own problems.
I know a Taurus man with an aggressive wife who found aunique solution. He simply refuses to go out with her in piblic. Her irresistible force met an immovable object- tm. She can go out and rob other men of their mas-cilinity all she wants, not Taurus, the bull. He's very fond o: his positive mate, and they have rather a nice team gong in many ways; they respect each other tremendously -but until she learns to submit, keep her mouth closed, aid let him be the man, she's forced to go to parties, roetings and the theater without an escort. This particular Tiurean has refused to accompany her ever since the time tby joined several other couples for
dinner at a fancy pice. His wife grabbed the menu from him and ordered fa- the whole group. She made unflattering remarks about hi haircut and his tie during the first course, and supplied tb punch line to three of his jokes during the entree. IS)w she goes to social functions alone, while her Taurus nate refuses to budge from his castle. You can't really bkme the bull. He's just being true to his Sun sign. It's sfll a solid marriage, but you may not be so lucky. So An't tempt your Taurean by shoving him around.
He's extremely patient, but he won't wear a ring in his n'se. He doesn't necessarily want a clinging vine, either. H's too practical, and he likes his freedom too much to eijoy a female who sticks to him like rubber cement and cies at the drop of a hanky. He doesn't mind a woman wth some fire and spunk. It intrigues him and balances hs own steadier maturity. With a smile of detached amuse-nsnt, he'll watch her cheerfully scampering around in tpical feminine fashion, as one would watch a beloved, petty kitten playing with a brightly colored ball of yam. Jst so kitty knows when the bull gives a strong tug on tb yarn, it's time to stop the fun and games and listen to tb voice of her master. No one can be kinder, more gentle aid truly tolerant than a Taurus man, when his mas-clinity is secure. He'll do anything in the world for the w>man he loves except allow her to wear the pants. Tiurus may sometimes behave like a clumsy circus bear, aid his humor is often rough and ridiculous. But he will n
The bull enjoys shopping around and he'll seldom rush pill mell into a serious courtship. The puzzled girl he's been taking to the movies every Saturday night for a year may wonder if he's ever going to catch fire. It takes time for him to work up enough steam in the boiler to get the engine going at full speed, but once he's set his sights on a particular female, he can't be sidetracked. He may even forget to be sensible and cautious. The typical Taurus man is blind to any warnings of incompatibility when he's been pierced by Cupid's arrow. The more his friends point out possible stumbling blocks, the more obstinate he gets, and you know how obstinate that can be. Consequently, the Taurean frequently makes the mistake of getting tangled up with fire and air signs, when he's better off with earth and water, in most cases. Sometimes, it works out beneficially. Opposites can attract, and stay attracted. But when it doesn't, Taurus will take a long time to get over the scars of a divorce before he's ready to settle down again with a wife who more closely matches his own disposition and outlook.
The financial picture with a Taurus man is usually excellent. Paint it pink and rosy. Few Taureans will fail to accumulate at least security, if not wealth. Some of them play the game of Monopoly with real money. And they win. Both real estate and cash are easily conquered by the bull.
He probably loves the country, football, fishing and camping. If none of these, he likes flowers, gardening or long walks. He prefers to read books about the dashing heroes of olden days or the biographies of empire builders, rather than sophisticated fiction or deep philosophy. Most Taurus males subscribe to several men's magazines, some earthy and practical, others featuring glossy pages of feminine
He's the ultimate in a man's man, so don't ever serve him those dainty tea sandwiches with the crusts sliced off. He likes good, old-fashioned home cooking, with. plenty of potatoes and gravy, and apple pie like Mom used to make. Get yourself a good cookbook. He'll also be willing to take you out to dine frequently. Typical Taureans don't expect their wives to be kitchen slaves. (But he may mess up your pots and pans when he plays Sunday chef and expects you to play bus boy.)
As a parent, he's a perfect delight. He'll think it's important to have a son to carry on the family name, but hell love the little girls with special tenderness. Taurus men make loving, affectionate, warm and sympathetic fathers. He'll set high standards for the children and expect them to respect property and possessions. The Taurean dad is patient. He won't mind if the children learn their lessons slowly, so long as they get them correctly. His attitude is that young minds should be trained gradually toward maturity. You may find that he puts too much emphasis on material matters and showers them with expensive gifts that spoil them. But he'll also shower them with his time and devotion, and the firm hand of discipline will be there when it's needed. In general, life with father, if he was born in May, can be a warm experience, overflowing with love-except for those rare occasions when the bull charges in blind, furious anger, and the whole family has to hide behind the piano.
The typical Taurean husband is generous to a fault with his wife. He won't deny you nice clothes, perfume and baubles; attractive but practical furniture and a full pan-try. The bull seldom skimps on furnishings, clothing or food. Still, money won't bum any noticeable holes in his pockets (unless there are impulsive financial aspects in his natal chart). He loves luxury, but he's just as enamoured with value, and he'll make sure his cash buys more than a salesman's hot air.
This man will work hard and need lots of rest. See that he gets it, because he can be quite a grumpy grouch when he's tired and out of sorts. Don't ever nag him or accuse him of being lazy. That's like waving a red flag in his face. He lives life at his own leisurely pace, and he won't be rushed or pushed. His speedometer is set at one speed-deliberate. Attempts to make him spin merrily through a continual round of whirlwind social activity are doomed to failure. He will enjoy entertaining in his own home, but he'll prefer a few people of compatible interests to large crowds. Invite old friends, or those who have serious goals and ambitions, and he'll behave pleasantly and hospitably. If you insist on cluttering his castle with emptyheaded, frivolous Go-Go types, he may just disappear from the scene-sometimes permanently.
Buy him one of those papa bear chairs that stretches out into a reclining position. No loud noises, blaring radios and TV sets, chaos and scattered toys, please. Keep your home full of music, beauty and peace. Remember that the trousers fit him better than they do you. Be his woman, and you couldn't ask for a better man. No one else will ever treat you with such gracious consideration. He really deserves to be respected for it. Taurus love is simple, plain and honest. His affectionate nature
and flattering attention will make you sure you are loved, in spite of all your little faults and failings that other men would constantly criticize. Taurus gives enduring loyalty and devotion, with a faithful heart. That adds up to emotional security. Com-bined with financial security and romance, there's little else to ask for. So all right, he's stubborn, but remember that stubbornness turned upside down is patience, and that's a rare virtue.
Get a nice, furry, fluffy blanket (Taurus loves things that feel soft to the touch), tuck it around him when he's in his papa bear chair, and read him the stock market report. Be sure he gets his hot bath with scented oils and lots of fragrant soap. Serve him a big bowl of rich porridge. Then you're sure to have a strong, gentle man, who will protect you from all the storms. Contentment is the word. Doesn't it have a cozy sound?
The TAURUS Woman
Without, the frost-the blinding snow, The storm-wind's moody madness- Within, the firelight's ruddy glow, And childhood's nest of gladness.
I remember a conversation I once had with a writer whose mother had been born in May. In discussing her parent's habits and character, the girl happened to mention that "Mother was a tall woman." "You must take after your father then," I remarked, since the girl herself was only of average height. She smiled. And I shall never forget what she said. "I didn't mean in inches. Mother was shorter than I am. That was just soul talk." The girl was a Pisces, the sign that looks deep inside you.
She was right. A Taurus female is a tall woman. Even if she measures under five feet, she can reach tall enough to meet almost any emergency life chooses to throw h? way. In many ways, the Taurean female is the salt olthe earth, a combination of most of the sterling qual-itis every male looks for and seldom finds. She may have a /iolent temper that would frighten a strong man into runing for the woods (or at least ducking under a table-dth), but she won't go on a raging rampage without god provocation. Ordinarily, if you don't torment her b^ond human endurance, or if Fate doesn't hand her a reJIy rough bunch of cards, she'll play the game of life ff'rly, with cool, admirable calm. Her candor and 'bsic honesty are undiluted with normal feminine tricks ay tears. The Taurean girl has more moral and emotional corage than many a tough male, but she has enough con-fi
mewing kitten who pretends to be weak to get her own way. It won't be long before y
There's enough self-control in the average Taurus wom-SFs make-up to hold back a team of horses (a fair idea olthe force of her hidden will), if she chooses to exercise it. Let's hope she does. With an Aries or Leo ascendant 01 Moon, she may be capable of occasional cruelty or f^quent emotional storms and with heavy Pisces or Qmini influences in her natal chart, she may be more re.tless and wavering-but the typical Taurean female prac-tiies self restraint in all areas at most times. It's a good thng, because her normally placid exterior conceals a sensual nature that could stand a little checking.
Men always appreciate her gracious tendency to take Ptople as they are, without quibbling. She's as much at h»me with a scientist who studies tsetse flies in the Congo as with the sword swallower in the side show. They're d'ing what comes naturally; they're not phonies and that's what counts with her. Her close friends may be weird Matures straight out of the world of Toulouse-Lautrec, 01 they may be Norman Rockwell paintings come to life.
But they will be real people, not stuffed shirts or statues. When she runs across someone she dislikes, she doesn't start a big campaign to destroy him or challenge his ideals and motives. She simply avoids him. The Taurus woman can show frigid indifference to her enemies, but if she counts you as a friend, she'll be loyal through all your ups and downs. Her determination to stick with you would make the relationship between Damon and Pythias look like a casual acquaintance.
You can drive a Maxwell, climb a flag pole, get locked up in the pokey or wear daisies in your hair. You are her friend, and somehow she'll justify your actions. There's just a small catch here. She'll doggedly expect you to return her blind allegiance and unswerving loyalty. If you don't give her your complete devotion in return, she can sulk in the comer like a gloomy, gray cloud of repressed resentment.
This isn't the same thing as jealousy, however. The average Taurus woman will take the masculine hobby of girl watching in stride. Unlike the Aries or Leo woman, she won't turn scarlet with rage every time you openly admire a pretty girl. It takes more than a casual flirtation or kissing a good (female) friend goodnight on the cheek to arouse her Taurean anger. If you go beyond the bounds of her idea of fair play, she can be a holy terror on wheels, but the line is drawn with generous strokes. She'll have to be really pressed to the wall in some way to explode in typical Taurus fury. You can go ahead and wink at that attractive cashier, but don't test her patience too far. It does have a limit, boundless as it appears to be. If you've never seen her mad, leave well enough alone.
These women aren't dominated by strictly mental goals. That's not meant to imply that the Taurus female isn't smart and clever. She can match brains with the brightest men and women, but she's not fiercely interested in figuring out the theory
of relativity or delving into abstractions. Multiple university degrees don't impress or thrill her. Just one is sufficient to gain her respect. Practical common sense and the ability to understand the fundamentals of any subject is, to her, essential. But the typical Taurean girl isn't an intellectual who reads the philosophers for kicks, and intricate ideologies are not her forte. She's a solid, practical thinker, with no frills or showy mental gymnastics. Her feet are planted on terra firma, and there are definitely no wings attached to her solid heels. Taurus women are seldom restless-they keep their heads and thieir balance. The Taurean perspective remains normally straight and true, with no twists and turns or distortions (though a Gemini Moon can put her in a bit of a whirl).
She's strictly a physical creature. That will undoubtedly interest you, but to interest her, an object or an idea has to appeal to her finely tuned senses. She doesn't want to hear that it's "good for her," that "everybody else is doing it," or that it will "stimulate her mentally." That sort of persuasion will make her yawn. To respond with genuine excitement, she has to derive some sensual satisfaction from everything she does.
Youll seldom see a Taurus woman stuffing a few artificial blooms in a vase. Her flowers must be real, and have am honest feel or fragrance. She'll gather huge bunches off pussywillow and bittersweet in the spring and fall, and fflll the house with sturdy mums and dahlias in the summer. Her perfume will usually be exotic and lingering, though some Taurean women lean in the opposite direction, and pirefer the odor of squeaking clean hair and skin. Taurus girls will be visibly moved by freshly washed sheets saturated with the sweet smell of sunshine or the delicious aroma of bread baking in the oven. She's spiritually aroused by the scent of the morning paper, the intoxicating odor of newly cut grass after a spring rain, burning wax candles or the smoke from a pile of smoldering anitumn leaves. This should clue you to use a good brand o»f shaving lotion, rub some damp newsprint on your ears, tmck a burned leaf in your lapel and turn on the sprinklers jmst before you kiss her goodnight. Unpleasant odors affect her just as drastically, in a reverse way. This is not a girl who will appreciate a pet skunk, even if he has been deodorized. Don't take her on a fish fry unless you take along a can of floral spray. It's the cooking odor that causes the problem. The fragrance of fish fresh out of the stream is different; that's natural. The stables won't offend her delicate nostrils, either. Mother Nature again. You may have to make a careful list if you want to woo her with olfactory success.
Colors send her senses soaring, too, the richer the better. Every shade of blue, from powder to indigo, will weaken her strong resistance. So will rose and pink. Wear a blue tie and a shocking pink shirt when you visit her, but not at the same time. Remember, she also has a sense of harmony, and you don't want to look like a co-ed nursery.
Her food must taste just right, and she'll usually sprinkle on the seasoning generously (unless she has a Virgo or Capricorn ascendant). Be sure to take her to places with the best chefs, because flat hamburgers and bland pea soup leave her
emotionally cold. If you're lucky, she'll invite you for a home-cooked meal, and you may propose before dessert is served. When this girl ties on an apron, it's not just to make cinnamon toast. It's always a good idea to drop in on her with an empty stomach. A typical Taurus woman can cook her way right into your heart, and her kitchen is a real man trap.
Harmonious sounds and beautiful visual effects draw her like a magnet. Most Taurean women have a marked talent for, or an appreciation of music and art. Her doodles on the telephone pad are often very clever drawings. Concerts and art exhibits are a good bet on dates, and Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon are the best choices for a honeymoon. She'll be ecstatic at the sight of nature's grandeur.
If you can't afford Niagara, take her to an amusement park. She'll probably love to ride on a ferns wheel, feel the sharp wind across her cheeks, watch the colored lights and listen to the calliope music. (The roller coaster will appeal more to her Aries and Gemini sisters.) It's a rare Taurus girl who has never been on a farm nor hiked in the country-who doesn't love horseback riding and fishing. With all her sensuality, the Taurean female is a tomboy at heart. The earth beckons her with a seductive call-and she responds by throwing her arms around Mother Nature in honest rapture. If you want her to throw her arms around you in honest rapture, be sure you don't play raucous music on your record machine, eat garlic without gargling or wear clashing colors.
Finally, there's the sense of touch. Taurus women are the ones who complain that your sweater is "scratchy." It doesn't "feel nice." They can almost tell the color of a fabric by stroking it with their eyes closed. The materials she wears will be soft and luxurious to the touch, never irritating, and she'll probably dress with simplicity and taste. Her sensuous nature may not stretch to include fussy lingerie and dainty clothing (barring a Pisces or Leo ascendant or Moon). She prefers sportswear and plain, expensive outfits with no excess trimmings, and she dresses mostly for comfort; her practical nature taking over in the costume department. If she happens to have a heavy Aquarian influence in her chart, she can go a little cuckoo in stores on occasion, but even then her offbeat selections will serve a utilitarian purpose.
As you get to know her better, you'll realize that this girl can be a tower of strength. She's seldom demanding, except in the area of loyalty, and her disposition is gen-erally even, down-to-earth and pleasant. People love her straightforward, easy-going manner-it's as relaxing as a warm bath. She's probably fond of warm baths herself, with lots of lotions and oils and bubbles. Taurean bathrooms often look like Cleopatra's private quarters. You keep expecting to see a slave appear and start waving a palm leaf fan.
You might have to find out the hard way that a Taurus woman doesn't like to be contradicted, especially in public, but why do that, when you can learn the easy way by understanding her Sun sign? Remember that she likes to do things slowly. If you hurry her or rush her, she'll become angry, and it isn't wise to make a Taurean female angry. Her tempo ranges from slow to deliberate and steady; it seldom raises
to impulsive, but it can reach violent, when she's goaded too far.
Motherhood becomes her nicely. It blends smoothly with her serene disposition and matches her bovine nature beautifully. She'll cuddle little babies and adore toddlers, but as the youngsters grow older, she may be too strict and demanding. There's an unbending, stubborn streak in Taurean females that makes it hard for them to accept easily the multiple and confusing changes of adolescence. The Taurus mother becomes angry when her discipline is thwarted. She won't stand for disobedience or defiance. All the fury of the bull is aroused. She'll also find it difficult to tolerate laziness or sloppiness, and the children will probably keep their rooms neat-or else.
The Taurean love of beauty and harmony prevents calm acceptance of untidy habits. Messy youngsters and sloppy surroundings can make her see red. Outside of these few failings, she'll probably be a good parent, more of a friend to her children than a mother image as the years pass. Most offspring of a May-born woman remember her 'as a warm, maternal image in the early years and a pal with a sense of humor in their later years. The inbetween years-when youthful impatience clashes with the bull's , firm determination-may leave a few unpleasant memories. | She'll fiercely and loyally defend them from outside hurts |and teach them to imitate her own honest courage.
( Taurus females are never sissies. They seldom whine or | complain. This is a woman who will quietly take a job to | support a husband in medical school or work at home if | there's a temporary financial crisis in the family. She ' doesn't have a lazy bone in her body, despite her often I slow, deliberate movements and need for frequent rest periods. Taurus females are hard workers. She can climb ! a stepladder to paint or scrub the walls with the strength of : a man, but she needs that afternoon nap to keep her sturdy. : She'll walk proudly beside her man, and seldom try to pass him or stand in his shadow. Many a Taurean wife helps her husband with his studies, if he's taking special courses in a professional career, or types up the business correspondence he brings home from the office. She's an excellent helpmate in these areas. Taureans never expect to be supported without contributing their share, and they're miserable with a man who doesn't contribute his, though they'll try to make the best of it. Taurus women dislike weakness in any form.
Her impassivity to pain and emotional stress is almost : miraculous, often even surpassing that of the Scorpio iv-male. I remember a scene I once watched in a hospital. A Taurus woman was going upstairs for serious surgery, so serious that her chances of surviving the operation were very small, and she knew it. It was a calculated risk. As her husband watched her being placed on the cart that would wheel her to the operating area, she noticed the tears in his eyes. But she never commented. She made jokes instead, until the nurses giggled and even the doctor smiled. The last thing her family heard her say as the orderlies were pushing and pulling, trying to get the cart into the elevator, was typically Taurean. Instead of glancing back at her loved ones with a tearful look of farewell, she raised up on one elbow and spoke to the young men firmly. "Before you put me back on this thing again, get some oil and grease those damned wheels." A Taurus woman never lets
sentiment interfere with practicality.
A man who marries a female born in May won't marry a cry baby or a gold digger. She'll expect him to provide for her and manage the family finances sensibly. She'll also want the best quality when it comes to food and furnishings. But she'll always keep a sharp eye out for bargains, and be willing to wait for the luxuries she craves.
Quick fortunes without a solid foundation don't appeal to her sense of stability. She'd rather see you build carefully for the future. Making a good impression is important to her, and lots of Taurean women encourage their husbands to aim for a secure future by inviting influential people to dinner. A Taurus wife is the soul of hospitality.
This is a girl who will stay up night after night with a sick child and pray him back to health with a rock-bound faith-the kind of woman who can tenderly replenish a man's store of hope when the world has defeated him, infusing him with her own brave, dauntless example. She's as dependable and predictable as a grandfather clock, as capable of patching a broken pipe or fixing a blown fuse as she is of baking a cherry pie or sewing on a missing button. There's always room enough and love enough in her heart to welcome strangers and relatives to her hearth, and her house will warm you when you've just come in out of a storm. Like my friend said, a Taurus female is "a tall woman."
The TAURUS Child
"It'll be no use putting their heads down and saying, 'Come up again, dear!' . . . // / tike being that person, fll come up:
If not, I'll stay down here. ..."
It may begin to be evident that your newborn baby is a Taurean when you try to dress him to take him home from the hospital. "Put your little arms inside your nice sweater Grandma knit for you," you'll murmur in tender, maternal tones. "Why are you clenching your little fists and holding your arms so stiff? Let go, like a good little baby. Please, let go."
"Let me try," says your husband. "Okay, come on now, Kid. Let's get those arms in the sleeves. Easy does it. Hey! Did you hear me, Charlie? Let go. Move your arms. Move them!"
The nurse comes in. "Don't be upset," she .says. "It's always hard to dress them
when they're little. My, what a good baby. Wide awake, but he doesn't make a sound."
"Yes, he's quiet," says your husband. "But he keeps fold^ ing his arms across his chest, and I can't pull them apart He's so strong, I can't even pry them apart."
"I don't think he wants his sweater on," you remark uneasily, a mother's intuition beginning to rise.
The nurse approaches your little bull with professional efficiency. "I'll do it. All right now, upsy daisy! In the sleeve-fist first-that's the way."
She forces the tiny arm through the opening in the sweater. Suddenly, your small bull's face turns a deep, bluish-purple-red color, and a wail is heard that brings every nurse on the floor rushing into the room. (It's more of a roar than a wail. The intern down the hall thought the boiler had exploded in the basement.) Your Taurus baby is just announcing that he doesn't appreciate being pushed. It's a warning. And it will be repeated.
Your neighbors will hear the same sound every time you try to press your May child into doing something he doesn't want to do. There will be lots of little problems like trying to stuff oatmeal into a mouth that's glued shut, pressing an iron leg into a pair of rubber panties, and trying to force a chubby, pink body, suddenly turned to unyielding cement, into the bathtub. You'll lose lots of weight and develop strong muscular control. Mothers of Taurus children always have muscles like Popeye, though they often look as haggard as Olive Oyl.
Outside of being just plain pig-headed, the Taurus baby is a delight to raise. Parents of Taurean boys and girls will find their youngsters cuddly and loving. They adore being squeezed and hugged and petted. The little bull with a cowlick or curly forelock will jump up on your lap to get a kiss and leave you out of breath with his bear hugs. He'll give your friends the same affectionate treatment, if he trusts them. The tiny Taurus girl will flirt from the high chair to get an extra helping of dessert. She's probably
Daddy's little girl. He'll find it hard to resist her limpid charm, as difficult as Mommy finds it to resist her Taurean son's quiet sweetness. The children of both sexes will be strong, healthy and athletically inclined. The boys will be all boys, sometimes little terrors, full of fun, sturdy and tough. The little girls will be all female, taking care of their dolls like small mothers, keeping things tidy and playing house. Some of them will be tomboys, and you'll catch them climbing trees or shooting marbles with the boys;
but essentially, they have all the charms of femininity to call on when they choose, and they'll choose often.
Taurus youngsters seem to be generally more competent, even as toddlers, than
other children. For one thing, they're emotionally stable, seldom subject to deep moods of depression, fits of impulsiveness or show-off tendencies. They can be negative and stubborn, sometimes shy and timid, but there are few of the normal hang-ups and growing pains. Taurean dispositions are normally calm and pleasant. They're not easily ruffled or disturbed. Except when they balk at being pushed too far or too hard, their personalities are smooth, cheerful and quite predictable. There's a maturity about them that children born under other Sun signs (except Capricorn and Scorpio) lack. Even the very young Taureans are usually quite well-behaved in front of company, but they'll act as if the cat got their tongues if they're forced to be the center of attention. Leave them alone to play in the comer and the chances are that visitors will be impressed at how well they've been trained.
A Taurean youngster quietly minds his own business, and the young bull will seldom embarrass you by rudeness or a smart-alecky attitude. However, if you challenge his temper by teasing him (which he can't stand), by applying steady pressure, or demanding that he do something his mind is dead set against-he can turn belligerent. The only way out of such defiance is love. Never force. A Taurean child who's been forced by older people too often may turn into a silent, moody, cruel adult. Remember that he can't remain stubborn against physical demonstrations of affection. A loving squeeze or a big, friendly kiss and a cheerful smile will coax him out of his obstinacy. Always speak gently and logically. Yelling and harsh voices raised in command will just make him shut his eyes and ears. He can resist discipline and orders until doomsday. He cant resist affection for a minute.
Even when he's very young, his mind will respond to common sense. If it sounds reasonable to him, hell do it- but he'll want a practical explanation. Nothing compli-cated. Just the plain, honest, unvarnished truth. "You have to go to bed now because I say so," will get you nowhere at all. That's neither sensible nor reasonable to him. However, a softly spoken declaration like, "You have to go to bed now because we're going to turn out the lights. If you don't, we can't let you go out to play tomorrow, because you'll be too tired," will probably get him into his sleepers and ready for the sandman. It also works to say, "Hop into your warm bed now, between your nice, clean sheets, while I tuck in your soft baby bear blanket. Then I'll read you a little story." No matter how stubborn he has been, he'll almost always turn into a docile angel at those words. His is a very sensual nature, and describing the feel of things seldom fails to strike a responsive chord. Pushing him to give in to your demands is both futile and dangerous to his future personality.
Colors and sounds will affect his disposition and his emotions deeply. Bright, clashing oranges and reds in his room will make him restless and obstinate. Pastel shades, especially pink, rose and all tones of blue, will produce almost magical results. This child will react to colors visibly. If they're harmonious to his Taurean vibrations, he'll remain tranquil. If they're discordant, they can literally damage his emotional stability. Loud noises will have the same effect.
It's a good idea to give a Taurus child music or singing lessons as soon as possible.
Almost every one of them will have a low, soft, melodious voice, and many of them have considerable vocal or musical talent, and you'll want to discover it while he's young enough to be trained in the right direction. Even if he's not going to make music his career, he'll enjoy listening to it on his own little record player in his room. He may prefer the classics to modem sounds or nursery rhymes. He'll probably like to draw, color or paint, and the chances are good that he may have some real artistic ability. Be sure your Taurus has lots of. paper and colored pencils. It's his favorite way of expressing himself.
Teachers usually find the Taurus child a credit to the class. Unless there are afflicting planet positions in fhe nativity, Taurean boys and girls will be industrious in school, learn their lessons methodically and have excellent powers of concentration. They're not whiz kids like the Gemini and Aquarian or Aries students, but they probably won't be tardy or throw spit balls in study hall, though they may break up if Teacher gets her finger caught in the pencil sharpener. The Taurus youngster is ordinarily quite obedient. His mind absorbs slowly, but he never forgets what he's learned, once a fact or date is mastered. These boys and girls usually do well on tests, because they prepare for them carefully. They're often chosen leaders of group activities, due to their love of fair play-and also due to their obvious common sense and good judgment.
The Taurus child may give his elders a few bad moments because of his stubbornness, but they'll be few and far between. One mother of a young Taurean I know took her son to school one day and was sorry she didn't stay home and keep out of it. The little bull had insulted his teacher by insisting her facts were wrong. Sojvas the author of the textbook, naturally. The next day, his mother marched him to the teacher's desk with the firm command, "Apologize to Miss Applegarden, Sammy." That was about nine o'clock in the morning. At noon, in the principal's office, the mother was heard wearily repeating the order, "Apologize to Miss Applegarden, Sammy." Later in the day, after the students had been dismissed, the janitor was gathering up trash baskets. As he passed the office, he heard a strange, faraway, trembling voice, almost ghost-like, floating from the inner sanctum. "Apologize to Miss Applegarden, Sammy," it said. "For the last time, apologize." Through the closed door came the hollow sound of a wooden paddle being applied. Then silence. The next day, the little boy was back at his desk. He had outlasted the teacher, his mother and the principal. He never did apologize. But he made the honor roll.
Once you're resigned to the knowledge that nothing this side of a derrick will move your Taurus youngster when he digs his sturdy toes in the earth, you'll enjoy watching him grow up. Hell probably get tons of dirt on his clothes playing with his toy trucks and tractors-and the hair of little Taurean boys has the oddest way of smelling like a warm bird's nest, no matter how often you wash it-but he won't lose his report card or his marbles. He won't drive Dad's car too fast and end up wrapping it around a telephone pole when he's older. He may raid the refrigerator, and eat the fried chicken you were saving for dinner, or be tough on the new furniture. But he'll be mighty easy on your heart when he gets big. And he won't
forget your birthday. Your little Taurus girl may tear her party dress climbing into her tree house, or go into a rage when someone breaks one of her precious possessions. But she'll help you bake gingerbread men, and you'll always be welcome in her lovely home after she's happily 'settled down with her own family. Your grandchildren will probably be well-behaved, in either case.
Raise your little bull or heifer in a cozy, snug atmosphere of love. Surround him with visible affection instead of invisible barbed wire fences. Don't pull on his homs too hard, and let him graze at his own calm tempo. Fill his ears with music and his eyes with beauty, and he'll fill your heart with peace someday. Even Miss Applegarden will forgive him.
"Haw the creatures order one about, and make one repeat lessons!"
"I sent to them again to say It will be better to obey."
You say you have one of those sweet Taurus bosses who never nags or fusses, and you don't need any advice or tips on how to handle that complacent, dear, docile creature? You have him just where you want him-in the palm of your hand? Well, you're certainly learning your Sun signs just in time to avoid a disaster. Before it's too late, you'd better memorize the one major rule for dealing with a Taurean executive: Don't try his patience too far.
It's a tougher rule than it seems. If he's a typical Taurus boss, he has such enormous patience, it's downright tempting to try it. His manner is so peaceful and his disposition so spady, you're apt to think of him as "good old Mr. Bearimple." Then you'll start treating him like a nice, shaggy bear, who's a little stubborn perhaps, but kindly and perf
Yes, I know that Goldilocks got away with eating Papa Beai's porridge, sitting in his big chair, and napping on his »d. But bears are not bulls. Don't confuse your aninals. Just because they get them mixed up in the stoc1. market doesn't mean you should get them mixed up in tie office. Bears live in the woods, and sometimes go afte: honey. Bulls live on the farm, and sometimes go after pusly people. Bears can squeeze strangers hard in a spirit of fin, but they mean no harm. They're playful.
Bulls can destroy trespassers and china shops in blind fury, on purpose. They're dangerous. End of zoology lesson.
Today, you're safe. But who knows what tomorrow may brirs? It may bring you sudden regret that you tried the patience of your Taurus boss too far. You may wish you hadn't imposed on his good nature with such casual confident. It's not hard to see how you got on the wrong path. It happens all the time to people who work for Taurean executives. He's so meek and understanding when you turn in i letter that's sloppily typed, you may not bother to che;k your spelling too often afterwards. He's so considerate when you mess up the figures on your semiannual report, you may be a little careless with your math on otbr papers. Since he doesn't yell and glare at you when you take an extra half hour at lunch, you may try for an extra hour the next week, and gradually stretch it to twc hours. It's so easy to slide into a fool's paradise. Have yoi allowed yourself to drift into these lazy habits under the spell of your Taurean boss's easy-going personality anc quiet manner? You'd better hang one of those "Danger-Ferocious Bull" signs (the kind you see out in the cointry) over your desk. It might save your life very sod, or at least your job, and sometimes one is pretty synonymous with the other. You can't very well say to yoir landlord, "I'm sorry I'm three months behind on my ret:, but I haven't found a new job yet. I got fired from my las one with no notice, because, you see, I had this boss wh> was born in May-and I didn't understand about the
Taurean temper because of the Venus rulership. It was that darned Venus that fooled me." If you find a landlord who won't give you an immediate eviction notice after that explanation, you must live in the land of Oz.
It's much easier to practice your Sun sign knowledge in the beginning. The reason your boss was so nice and unruffled when you typed that letter, made those mistakes in the report and lingered so long over your lunch hour, was not because he's a nice, shaggy bear pushover. Nor was it because he's too shy and timid to express his wishes or exert his authority. Frankly, he didn't see any point in embarrassing you by making a big fuss over one or two or even a few goofs. He figured you had enough common sense (remember that phrase) not to repeat yourself like a broken record. He decided to watch you patiently to see if you were practical enough to profit by past errors on your own. Aye! There's the rub! His patience was carefully calculated toward a definite purpose-to test you, and to give you a chance to prove your mettle. He admires people who learn the knack of disciplining themselves. He's a self-made man. Why shouldn't you be? He's willing to give you the opportunity.
He is determined to give everyone a fair break. He won't judge hastily. He won't expect miracles overnight, nor will he mind if you're a little slow in catching on to his methods and his very set procedures. You'll be given a chance to find your way around, and hell look the other way more than once if you stumble in the dark. But make no innocent, naive mistakes about his ultimate goal. He wants things done his way. His way could conceivably be the way things were done when the Smith Brothers got together and decided to cure coughs, but to him, it's the tried and true,
proven method. Besides those fellows still cure his coughs! As long as his methods keep making money, he's going to be loyal to them. He's willing to waste plenty of his huge supply of patience to find employees who fit his cement mold. However, once you've pressed his patience too far, he will first balk, then snort in anger, and finally shout, "You're fired!"-possibly at the top of his lungs. (At least it will seem loud, because it will be so emphatic.) Your only warning will probably will be that he failed to answer your cheerful, unsuspecting, "Good morning," the previous day. Know beyond any doubt that he's not going to change his mind after he's decided to sack you. Nothing changes the Taurus mind, once it's made up. He may give you a generous slice of severance pay, because he doesn't want that cold-hearted landlord to throw you and your sick grandmother and the twelve children out in the snow. But he won't give you any more chances once he's firmly convinced himself that you're dead weight to the company he cherishes only a shade less than he does his wife. It's not that he is unkind. Your memory is short if you think that. His is not. Recall, as you read the classified ads for a new job, how kind he was for all those months when you were so carefully taking advantage of his faith in you.
The Taurean boss is a thoroughly practical soul. Although he needs to feel that his business allows him to express the beauty in his nature creatively, he needs even more to succeed materially. Taurus men are never satisfied to run a small business. They want to build it into a possible empire. The Taurus boss won't be content without some expansion, however minor. There will be no dramatic, sweeping changes, and progress will proceed one step at a time. Hell build gradually, without flash or fanfare, but he'll build. He sticks to anything he starts and finishes what he begins, and he'll expect you to do the same thing.
Don't try too many short cuts. He wants his facts plain, not fancy. Taurus bosses have no more patience with the art of gilding the lily than Capricorn executives. One of his favorite phrases will be, "Get to the point," but he'll say it without rancor or sarcasm. Lengthy preliminaries in explaining ideas make him nervous, though he'll retain his outward immobility.
It will be frustrating when he refuses to budge an inch for your most exciting concepts, and when he won't let you try out that new system you read about in Fortune (or picked up from your brother-in-law, who's such a crackerjack promoter). Granted, sometimes he's wrong for refusing to listen to progressive ideas, and you'll feel smug when another company tries them first successfully. But over the long haul, when the final score is tallied, hell come out ahead. What if that new gadget he stubbornly rejected as "a harebrained abortion of some schizophre-nic's daydream" runs into a snag, and the company that zoomed ahead by using it suddenly goes bankrupt when the gadget backfires? Then your smugness will be replaced by a foolish feeling, and finally by respect for this sometimes grumpy, often obstinate, but kindly and understanding boss, who has such a practical head on his sturdy shoulders.
Taurus executives usually prefer football to baseball, and peace to noisy arguments. He'll always try quiet common. sense discussions to avoid emotional scenes.
Remember, common sense is his key phrase. But that doesn't mean he's lacking in imagination or appreciation of the finer things in life. You'll be pretty sure to make a large hit with him if you wear good perfume and polish your nails with a rosy tint (if you're a girl, that is). He loves nice smells and soothing, pastel colors. Youll also please him if you occasionally bring him a jar of home-made vichys-soise your mother cooked-but you'd better call it potato soup. Fancy names and titles don't impress him as much as they make him uneasy. Men who work for a Taurean should wear quiet, blue ties, sensible shoes, and keep their feet on the ground, not on his desk.
You may chafe at his stubborn, bull-headed attitude at least once a week, but remember this about your Taurus -boss: he's also stubborn about being loyal to people who never let him down. Be one of those people, and you'll never have to fear the dangerous bull. He's really quite gentle if the red flag of defiance isn't waved in his face too often. Grab some concrete blocks, and help him build his empire. He'll be glad to share it with you, if you deserve it. Promotion he understands. Featherbedding he does not. "Good old Mr. Bearumple" will expect you to carry your own weight, but he'll always give you a lift when the load gets heavy. He's strong and dependable. He says what he means and he means what he says. You won't need an interpreter. If he says you're a blockhead, leave quickly and quietly and don't quibble. If he says "You'll do well enough," you have real job security. That means you've passed his test of loyalty, sincerity, ability and potential. Move to the head of the class. You've made the honor roll. Congratulations! Don't let it swell your hat size, and you have a promising future ahead of you.
The TAURUS Employee
"Well, I never heard it before ... but it sounds uncommon nonsense.
First of all, I hope you don't have your Taurus employee working for you as a salesman. If you do, have his horoscope checked as soon as you can. He may have some planets in Gemini, Aries, Leo or Pisces. In that case, you can safely let him continue to peddle your wares. Otherwise, you each would be better off if you gently eased him (for goodness sakes, don't push him) into some other position with your company.
As a promoter or salesman, he may not make the best possible impression on your clients. In giving a spiel to a customer, his normal attitude would be, "If you want it, take it. If you don't, move along." The average Taurus employee isn't about to perform a fast buck and wing for a prospective buyer. Nor is he noted for his golden
tongue and outpouring of imaginative, descriptive phrases. Unless you call "Umph" and "Gumph" and "Mmm Hmm" and "Mumph" imaginative, descriptive phrases. Not that he doesn't have many sterling qualities. He does. But they're usually not the kind to sway people or press them into signing on the dotted line. He's far more likely to tell them why they shouldn't get involved.
The most important reason Taureans seldom gravitate to selling, however, is related to the basic Taurus need for security. He must feel a sense of security in his work, or his potential for success-which can be tremendous-will be markedly diluted. No matter how large the possible reward may be, if it fluctuates, the Taurus employee will prefer the safety of knowing how many dollar bills he can count each week. A Taurean on straight commission is usually one of the unhappiest human beings in the world. A set salary, plus a bonus incentive for sales, would come closer to giving him the sense of achievement he needs, but even so the position of salesman isn't the ideal spot for the bull.
Of course, there are a few exceptions to the rule, in addition to the aforementioned planetary influences. Most Taureans can handle certain low-pressure sales pitches with distinction, if the product is solid and stable, with built-in security. But the list is short. Farm equipment, tractors, manure spreaders, trucks and mowing machines or such would be right up his alley. Those he could sell. He talks the same language as the people who buy them. Money is another item he can handle on either side of the desk, and selling cash may even be a specialty. Translated, that means he's a super man to have in charge of the loan department, if your business is banking. But let's be truthful, how much persuasion is needed to convince an insolvent man he needs money?
There may be a couple of other categories where he could shine as a salesman. Real estate, for instance. A Taurean is perfectly at home showing people through houses or telling them about the value of the land. He'll point to the view and say, "Umph." Then hell describe the landscaping possibilities with an ecstatic "Grumph." After that, he'll demonstrate the plumbing and closet space with "Mmm Hmm," and finally discuss the financing with a firm "Mumph." Hard as it may be to believe, the answer from the prospective home buyer will probably be, "Yep. I'll take it." After which the Taurus salesman will answer, "Okay. You've got it." Or something similar. The trick here is that the Taurean honesty and obvious dependability impresses people who are socking down enough money for a house. Then there's the field of education. He believes in firm foundations and facts with such fervor, and he has such faith in preparing for the future, along with a positive distaste for ignorance, that he could talk a girl into taking the engineering course at M.I.T. He wouldn't see anything silly at all about a female studying engineering. To him, practical is practical, regardless of sex.
There's also a possibility that a Taurean with a Gemini ascendant or Mars in Gemini would make a superior radio or TV announcer. The typical, musical tones of Taurean speech coupled with Gemini charm and glibness can make him a natural in such media. Then, too, if the right planets were in Aries at birth, their influence
could conceivably combine with his Taurus Sun to give him exceptional pro-motional or public relations abilities, though he would never be a high-pressure type. I'm afraid that just about covers the territory for a Taurus salesman. In most other areas, and without the proper additional planetary influences, he's much better off doing things that come more naturally to his imperturbable nature.
One of those things is known in politics as holding the center together, an ability which is also extremely valuable in the business world. Whatever desk he's assigned to, he'll root himself behind it with determination to succeed, and he probably will. He'll work slowly and aim for perfection, which he usually achieves if he's left alone and not pushed too fast. The more responsibility the position requires of him, the smarter you'll be to put him in charge. You'll seldom enjoy the services of a more dependable, trustworthy and honest employee. Hell seek to help your company expand, not his own ego. A successful Taurean wear» the same hat size as he did when he was still trying.
Much as he dislikes change, if he's an exceptional Taurus, you won't keep him forever. He won't leave because he's flighty, but for a basic reason that's part of his nature. Once he's established the growth of your company, he's not the type to remain there and run it for you. Taurus is more interested in building power and wealth. He likes his freedom too much to be tied to the constant manipulations of guiding a complicated business, or of being the unseen cog. He's reliable and content to stick, but he wants to be free to continue to build instead of being tied up with intricate details. When there's no more incentive to grow with your firm, he'll feel the legendary Taurean itch to lay his own foundation and erect his own empire, minor or major.
A Taurus employee, whether he's exceptional or average, is always an outstanding worker, and one of his most endearing qualities is his willingness to take orders without resentment. The reason behind it is simple. He has an inner conviction that the way to become a boss who gives orders is to be first a cheerful subordinate who takes orders. His respect for authority is based on his knowledge that when he becomes an executive, he'll expect his employees to follow his directions. As a boss himself, hell have definite and probably rigidly set ideas and methods. Therefore. he finds nothme strange or unpleasant about your insistence on adhering to a fixed pattern when he works for you. As far as he's concerned, you're in charge.
Such an attitude is obviously quite a bonus, but don't let his kindly disposition nor his sensible acquiescence to superiors fool you into thinking he can be easily shoved around. He has a sort of Machiavellian detachment toward those who think they're manipulating him, and he'll handle them with smooth tact and diplomacy. Yet, if you look closely, you'll see his tongue is in his cheek while he's humoring the aggressive people who try to drive him. In the end, Taurus will have his own way. His success is even more assured by his ability to wait as long as necessary until he wins out over the pushy types. However, when his personal emotions are trampled on or his deep pride is hurt, his cool steadiness may disappear and be replaced by a childish stubbornness. Remember, that while he's pouting, he's combustible, and
liable to explode finally in a fierce display of temper. It won't last long, and the bull will be ominously quiet after such a "charge," but if the cause isn't rectified immediately, he'll simply leave, and he won't glance behind him. When a Taurus goes out the door, he has left. There won't be any sheepish returns to try again. The back of his broad shoulders will be the last you see of him. Nothing you can say or do will persuade him to reconsider. The bull makes up his mind so slowly in the first place, there's never any need to take a second look at the matter. Taurean foresight precludes the need for hindsight. Since his is such a sensual, loving nature, you can probably find plenty of ex-sweethearts who will sadly tell you that when he waves goodbye he doesn't come back for encores. In both love and business, people frequently make the mistake of thinking the Taurean's patience is eternal, just because it takes him so long to lose it.
The female Taurean employee is usually a real jewel. If she's a typical Taurus, she'll have a quiet, low-pitched voice and soothing manner. These women normally make great executive secretaries. Emergencies don't throw them off balance. A crisis brings out the best in them, and that's considerable. She may be a bit slower than the others with typing and dictation. She's not exactly a fireball, and you'll never see her riding a motorcycle to work, but her job will get done. Well done. Like the males, she feels that if a job is worth doing at all it's worth doing well, to the very best of her ability. Every May person has that motto chiseled somewhere permanently. This girl won't yawn in your face when you're expounding your pet theories. If the ideas are practical, shell probably converse with you about them like a man. Her views will be worth bearing, and her approach will be sensible and logical. But don't let that give you the impression she's not a real female.
Be careful. This is not a woman who will ordinarily become involved in casual office flirtations. She can cut up and be loads of laughs, but underneath her warm, bovine humor is a mind firmly set on marriage. If she accepts a dinner invitation twice, she's probably already sizing you up as a good provider for a lifetime, not just an exciting date for a rainy Thursday. These women are quite serious about the stakes in any romantic game. If you fit the qualifications of a Taurean female as husband material, you're not an ordinary man by anybody's slide rule. The man in the company who's the recipient of the Taurus woman's attentions is the man to watch. He's going somewhere. If it happens to be yourself, you may soon lose a peach of a secretary, but you'll get a wife in a million, which should bring you out ahead.
Female Taurus employees are pleasant to have around because they smell nice, they look nice, they're gracious and they don't smoke cigars, among other things. (Unless you happen to have one with an Aries Moon or ascendant, who would smell and look just as nice, but who might very well smoke cigars and shout a little.)
Taurus people of both sexes hate to sleep in strange beds, a phrase they're fond of repeating. Therefore, most Taurean men and women prefer to spend their vacations at home. Barring a Gemini Moon or Sagittarius ascendant, the grass will always look both greener and thicker in the bull's own backyard. When he's on vacation,
sensually sipping lemonade and inhaling the scent of flowers from his hammock, you can safely call him in for an office emergency. Hell probably oblige with a good-natured grin, and even feel it's his duty to help out. But don't impose too often. There's a limit to his patient acceptance of repeated impositions, and it's foolhardy to risk making him angry to discover that limit. Stop while you're ahead.
The bull works happily as a florist, in the livestock or poultry industry, in supermarkets or in the wholesale food industry. He makes a good doctor or engineer, too. And he can be quite contented in an artistic career. The sound of music and the visual hypnotism of art pull him magnetically. He's never more at home than when he's expressing himself creatively, through his senses, as long as the financial rewards are sound and the foundation isn't shaky.
A Taurus songwriter is usually miserable, especially during the lean years, before he writes his first big hit. But when he combines his creative talent with the more stable, secure task of producing records or arranging scores, he's in his own element. You'll find that every Taurean singer or composer, without exception, eventually ends up in the production end of the music business to some degree.
After the bull has found the right meadow, where the opportunities grow plentifully, he seldom seeks change or new fields to conquer. He'll weigh, balance and soak up knowledge of his career through years of devotion to it. He can put up with a lot, if he's convinced himself there's a future, and if the occupation fits him snugly or "feels good" to him. Taurus is incredibly capable of persevering until the reward comes, but only when he's at the center of things, never when he's insecurely chewing around the edges and hoping for a break. Once he feels the necessary sense of achievement and security beneath him, and once he's planted himself in a position where he can build ever higher, he moves forward with confidence. Then he becomes irresistible to the elusive, fickle goddess of success. It won't turn his head. He'll stay faithful to her, but he'll put her in her place-and it will be a lifelong love affair.
takes all the running you can do,
to keep in the same place.
If you want to get somewhere else,
you must run at least twice as fast as that


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