Thursday, March 12, 2015


Dear all viewers of my blog.

I really want to share a simple story. On 2009 I found a word file from some source (I just can't remember from whom), where these golden research done by Maam Linda Goodman I found. I read the Capricorn part as its my zodiac. I was surprised to see that everything written were matching with my personality. then I read the Aries part as my girlfriend was Aries. That too was matching. Then I decided this should be published in net. So I opened a blog and published it. That's it. At that time I was a student. On 2009 I joined a job and was busy doing that. After 6 long years in 2015 today, I somehow felt some need to to know the personality type about my daughter RIONA, who is just 7 months old and bears Cancer Sign. I tried to open the blog. I WAS SURPRISED TO SEE that my blog, which I just made casually on 2009, now have 123 FOLLOWERS, 110 PUBLISHED COMMENTS & 2082585 PAGE VIEWS TILL TODAY. I just don't know how it happened. But I thankfully say that its an honor that my blog may have an important part of your life.

Thak you